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Become a Michelin employee shareholder

Come and join us!

At the end of 2022, we were 77,000 employee shareholders in the Michelin Group, that’s more than one in two! It is a sign of how strongly committed employees in the Company are.


Every year, Michelin Group employees have the opportunity to sign up to the BIB’Action Employee Shareholder plan via the shareaction.michelin.com website in the BIB’Action tab.

Eligibility conditions

To be eligible, employees must have:
• an employment contract with a Group company which has joined the International Group Savings Plan (PEG), based in an eligible country,
• at least 3 months’ service on the day of share issue price (continuous or discontinuous from 1 January N-1), 
• still work for the company on the day of they subscribe.

For France, all contract types are included (fixed-term contract or open-ended contract, professional training contract, apprenticeship contract, etc.) whether active or in abeyance (on unpaid leave, parental leave, etc.). Interns, temporary workers and outside staff are not Michelin employees and are not eligible. 

Outside France, the eligibility conditions for Michelin Group employees are stated in local documentation published to employees. 

The total number of shares offered under the BIB'Action plans  is set by the Group within the limits voted for by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

Discount/Matching contribution

Eligible employees benefit from a 20% discount on the share price and a contribution from the company matching the shares offered, depending on the number of shares they have. (*)

(*) different conditions for UK



You can also see testimonials from employees who have subscribed to BIB'Action !

Since 2003, Michelin has had a Michelin Shareholder Committee made up of individual and employee shareholders. This committee’s role is to contribute, through its discussions, to improved communication with individual and employee shareholders. Our 3 employee shareholder members share their experience with you. 

Adrien De Paredes: I’ve been an employee shareholder for 6 years, having taken advantage of the 2018 shareholder plan simply because I knew I was getting extra shares. Today I'm also the BIB’Action representative in my firm and a member of the CAM (Michelin Shareholder Committee) since 2021! I’ve learned a lot about the financial world and if I was able to invest more, I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in more shares.

Carine Katzenfort Poty: I’ve been a Michelin employee shareholder for over 2 years. Being able to become a shareholder at a preferential rate made me even keener to subscribe. It is a very attractive forward-thinking offer for employees. The Group stands for high values to which employees are very attached. Investing in the group allows us to participate in its development and gives us a stronger sense of ownership in the company. It is a great example of partnership and making employees feel valued. It is also a real opportunity since we have a right to vote during the Annual General Meetings and we may receive dividends.

Nicolas Morin: I’ve been a shareholder since 2012. I signed up via my bank before starting to subscribe through the BIB’Action plans. I knew that Michelin was a solid company and that volatility was part and parcel of the stock market. For me, it was a logical step to invest in my company because you are contributing “indirectly”to its performance and it’s a mark of confidence. It is a positive factor when we have the time ahead of us for compound interest to play a part. I feel even more committed to fulfilling my mission. Moreover since 2021, I have been part of the Michelin Shareholder Committee in order to help communication develop between individual and employee shareholders.

Other ways to become a shareholder:

The Group may allocate performance shares to some of its employees via performance share plans. The decision to set up this type of plan was put to a shareholder vote at the Annual General Meeting. 
Rights to shares allocated in this way are subject to a so-called acquisition period lasting four years: the shares will be acquired at the end of the period provided that the beneficiaries remain on the Group payroll during the four years of the acquisition period. The final number of shares issued usually depends on Group performance criteria.  
Before being converted into Michelin shares, share rights do not offer the possibility of receiving a dividend, nor participating (and hence voting) at the Annual General Meeting.  

An employee can buy Michelin shares separately from the BIB’Action plans, either through Société Générale (Account managed on behalf of the Company) or via a financial intermediary (Account managed by a bank or broker).

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